Tuesday, November 24, 2009

BYU’s “Quest for Perfection” – Part II (A Ute’s Perspective)

This was supposed to be BYU’s magical season. With QB Max Hall returning for his senior season, a talented Harvey Unga coming out of the backfield, and an all American candidate in TE Dennis Pitta, BYU was surrounded by a plethora of talent. Sure the Cougs lost WR Austin Collie to early draft entry, but the core group of WR was solid.

One week into the season and an impressive W over #3 ranked Oklahoma, led by an aggressive and stingy defense, expectations for this season skyrocketed. After a 54-3 blowout of Tulane, BYU found themselves in the top 10, checking in at #9. The nation was abuzz about BYU. Talks of National Championship dominated the internet, radio airwaves, and ESPN. Could a non-BCS school actually squeeze into the National Championship picture? It was 1984 all over again. BYU was poised for a run at the National Championship………………

Wha, wha, what happened?????? Back to reality. I feel like I’ve seen this script before. BYU starts strong. BYU falters. BYU gives up a million points to everyone. It’s déjà vu all over again. To be fair, no one expected BYU to go to Arlington, Texas and beat Oklahoma, which now sits with a fine record of 6-5. My shock was how easy it was for BYU fans to forget about the deficiencies that haunted this team last year. A defense doesn’t go from dreadful to stellar over a summer. A quarterback prone to bad decisions and interceptions doesn’t change with a few extra reps.

Can anyone really say they are surprised at the way BYU’s season has played out? Did anyone really expect BYU to run the table? This is the EXACT same team as last year. Compare results of common opponents from last year and you will notice that they are eerily similar.

Let’s also remember that BYU was ranked as high as #8 in the 2008 season until stumbling down the stretch. BYU is currently sitting at a respectable 9 – 2. Is this good enough when the goal is perfection?

I fully expect the Cougars season to end the same way it did last year. A loss to the University of Utah followed by a pounding in a bowl game. I mean why wouldn’t it? Everything else has played out according to the manual. BYU will continue to strive in its quest for mediocrity………um, I mean perfection. Welcome to the Holy War!

Written by Frances Sullivan

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  1. I can't believe how similar the scores are from 2008 to 2009! However, Utah's season from 2008 to 2009 is quite the change as well. Losing two NFL draft picks and high-flying QB Brian Johnson (who now works at a high-end fastfood restaurant)will prove the crushing blow to Utah this year.

    Frances, though the article is very well written, you and your Ute's are heading for the refuge.