Monday, November 16, 2009

BYU Jumps Utah in 2 of 3 Polls

When the rankings came out Sunday, I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. 3 MWC teams in the top 25 still, and BYU ahead of Utah. To be honest, I was fully expecting BYU to drop out of the top 25 after a marginal victory (24-19) over 0-10 New Mexico. But I'm glad to see the Cougar's busting back into the top 20. And as always, I was glad to see Utah lose. A wise Cougar fan once said, "A Utah loss is almost as sweet as a BYU win." Couldn't have said it better.
Most Cougar fans have had enough hopes shattered this season watching BYU, but I must say it is time to get your hopes up just once more. If BYU can knock off a tough AFA and squeak by Utah at home, the season is looking, well . . . pretty solid. Especially, when there is a chance of playing USC in the Las Vegas Bowl! That thought brings jubilation to my heart. So with the last two regular season games at home, it's time to "rise and shout" once more and hope BYU comes to play.


  1. That would be the sweetest bowl game if BYU played USC. It would be the first game I would want to go see in the past 10 years. The real question is can BYU beat Utah? I think Utah has the edge in coaching, talent, and defense, but BYU has the edge in experience, offense, and home field. BYU's keys to victory are: RUN THE BALL, Win the turnover battle, and don't give up the big plays.

  2. Utah also crapped the bed with TCU. I was expecting A LOT more out of them and was thoroughly disappointed! When is the Vegas Bowl? Is everyone going??

  3. We must not count our eggs before they hatch. The Vegas Bowl is 12/22 (the Tuesday before Christmas).

    Agree with Jake on everything BYU needs to do to win. Control the time of possession and don't turnover the ball.