Saturday, October 2, 2010

Time for Bronco to get Bucked

Dual quarterback system. Receivers dropping passes. Harvey Unga missing his senior season. Holes in the offensive line. Losing your star TE to the NFL. All reasons for BYU's dismal offensive production to start their 1-4 2010 season. But BYU's problems this season are a product of a much bigger issue. An issue that began in 2005 when Gary Crowton resigned. Let's rewind . . .

5 seasons ago, BYU was having an identity crisis. Clearly not happy with the new direction of "state of the art" uniforms, losing seasons and an apparent stray from tradition, Gary Crowton was asked to step down so that BYU could take their program in a new direction. After talk (which was more of a pipedream) to bring in Coaches such as Andy Reid or Steve Young, BYU narrowed the search to one. And no, it wasn't Bronco. We narrowed our search to Kyle Whittingham. When BYU wouldn't pony up and pay Whittingham what he thought he was worth, he straight-lined to the common foe (Utah) and we got stuck scrambling for anybody to fill the Head Coach job at BYU. Fast forward five years.

Utah has had two undefeated seasons including BCS victories. BYU has conquered the Vegas Bowl. Utah has an invitation to the PAC 10. BYU is going independent. The first year of Whittingham's "pure recruits" is off to an undefeated season. Bronco's "pure recruits" are scratching their heads with a 1-4 season, including 2 losses to the WAC, one of which hasn't happened in 17 years (Utah State). Sorry folks, but it is time for Bronco, Anae, and Holmoe to get bucked out of BYU.

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  1. AGREED! Now we will have to become Utah fans! :)