Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can BYU do Better Than 7-5 this Season?

I had to hide my face for a few days after the pathetic performance vs. Air Force this last week. I thought BYU has a great shot at starting the season 2-1 with a victory over Washington to open the season. After the game Saturday, I honestly wonder how likely it is that BYU will end the season over .500. Seriously, does anybody think BYU stands a chance against FSU? Me either. Then the Cougs play a decent Nevada team and a Utah State team that hung with Oklahoma. I think best case, BYU ends the season as a 7-5 team and the Armed Force Bowl. Fantastic momentum leading into the new adventure of going Independent . . .


  1. I think they'll bounce back. They always lay at least one dud (sometimes two or three) a season. Florida St. is having its own problems at the moment and remember BYU beat a better Oklahoma team last year (well I'll rephrase that, an Oklahoma team with what was it 4 top 10 picks?) Of course this isn't last year's BYU team either; I'm not sure they'll win, but I have hopes they'll hang.

  2. My hope is that the Cougars come out fire up and ready to play. FSU was blown out last week but I think they have a good team. The Cougars are going to have to have some big plays let hope they have learned how to catch the ball. I have better hope for BYU then the Armed Force Bowl. I don't how they will fair being independent if they have a couple of mediocre seasons? Hopefully ESPN we be able to bring them big games?

  3. Sooooo....who is looking forward to next season????