Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Basketball Season

I usually don't even pay any attention to BYU sports until the middle of March when BYU plays in the MWC basketball tourney in Vegas. However, this year BYU basketball is worth blogging about. Being ranked in the top 25 for the last two months is something I am not used to in BYU basketball, and let's be honest, they have Jimmer Fredette to thank for that.

The real question is: Will BYU get past the first round in the NCAA tourney this year? Although they have had some domineering wins this season, I'm a little worried considering they are 2-3 against teams in the top 50. The only game I attended this season was against Eastern Washington. I showed up 5 minutes late for the game and BYU was up 25-2. With a strength of schedule ranking at 129 in the nation, BYU needs to muscle up and actually play some decent teams out of conference. However, with all this said, I'm hoping for a 5-6 seed in the tournament and a BYU win in the first round.

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