Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's your Reason?

With nearly 2/3 of the BYU football season completed, there have been a lot of things to be happy about, and a few disappointments.

Let's start with what we like. BYU beating OU! Wow what a game. BYU's defense put the pounding on OU and star quarterback Sam Bradford. Max Hall had a brilliant game and had a hallmark quote at halftime saying, "We're going to win." And they did.

Unga has looked like the best RB in BYU history this season. Rushing for nearly 100 YPG (99.7) and an impressive 5.7 average yards per carry, you wonder why he's not getting 30 touches a game. Not to mention he's taken it to the end zone a cool 10 times as well. Not bad for a guy who started the season on the injury report.

Dennis Pitta hasn't had the breakout season Cougar fans were hoping for, but the guy has been an animal every time he has touched the ball. He leads the receiving core with 5 touchdowns, which coincidentally is also the number of fumbles number two wideout O'Neil Chambers has recorded.

Now the cons this year have been big blows. We all know the losses to FSU and TCU, so I'm not going to say much. But I would be very interested to hear: What's your Reason for the Coug losses? Take your pick at only 1 of the items below and tell us why you feel that way.

  1. Athletic Ability/Talent

  2. Coaching

  3. BYU's Quarterback

  4. The Defense

  5. Uneducated Fans

  6. Last Year's Cougar Club President

Cheers to hopefully another Vegas Bowl!!!


  1. There's no doubt that the Cougars defense is why they lost their two games. FSU did whatever they wanted to do against them and TCU capitalized on some big defensive penalties. The Cougars defense lacks the ability to cover man to man on the outside. Which limits their ability to put pressure on the quarterback by blitzing. Coming in at a close second would have to be last year's Cougar Club President.

  2. I can't pick just one because I think the better teams won both times and that is a combination of coaching and player talent - Having not watched the TCU game (I was going to watch it recorded, but after hearing the score thought better of it), but seeing as how they were absolutely dominated on both sides of the ball I would say that TCU is straight up just a better team than BYU.
    I would say with FSU though that Coaching was a big part of the loss. The Cougars were not prepared for the game and it showed. Plus with Unga having such an outstanding year, they just need to run the ball more and that reflects on poor coaching

  3. I think it's basically the lack of the coaches to listen to last year's Cougar Club President, who always yelled his suggestions from his seat near exit BB. C'mon guys!

  4. Max Hall has failed to consistently complete long passes, and rarely even tries, to be honest. I don't know the actual stats, but I wouldn't be surprised if 75-85% of BYU's offensive plays were short passes for small yardage. Too predictable. Unga needs to get the ball more, Hall needs to work on his long ball, and Chambers needs to be benched. He's killing me with his lousiness!

  5. Coaching, coaching, COACHING! Unga should be getting the ball AT LEAST 30 times a game. The less time that the ball is in Hall's hands, the better off the Cougs will be.

    Of course, it would be nice to have a decent defense. Maybe some corners who are taller than Spud Webb. But I think Bronco and Anae have done a pretty poor job of coaching this year.

  6. I have to agree 100% with Tristin's comment. Predictable short play calls. I think that Anae comes with the same game plan against every opponent. Customize baby!!